Thirty – Painting (with Prosecco!)

Thirty new things! How that’s flown by, I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of August already!

This week’s activity was a Brush and Bubbles class with my friend Kate. You are given a glass of Prosecco and everyone paints the same picture, while given step by step instructions from an artist. There are quite a few of these popping up, apparently after becoming popular in New York.

They are held in different places but the one we went to was in Chelsea’s Jam Tree, in the upstairs area. There were 25 of us in the class, and we were divided up over 3 tables which were ready to go with a canvas, paint and brushes.

Before the class
Before the class

There’s a painting on the wall in that picture, but luckily it wasn’t the one we were copying. I dread to think how bad my interpretation of Mick Jagger would have been! No, the painting we were following was this one, of a camel in the desert:

The painting we were aiming for
The painting we were aiming for

It really was step by step, and you would be able to follow the class even if you were useless at painting (which, having got a D in GCSE Art, I definitely am). Here are some of the steps in creating my painting:

The final step, and the funniest, was adding in the camel. We started by drawing him in using a pencil, and then adding the black paint. I just kind of went for it with the paint and I didn’t think my camel itself was too bad …until I added the person sitting on the camel. He looks like Lord Farquaad.

As if it needs pointing out, mine is the top one and the teacher's is below.
As if it needs pointing out, mine is the top one and the teacher’s is below.
See? Once seen you can’t unsee it.

The session was maybe a tiny bit too long, but that might have been because Kate and I jumped right in. Some people were taking a lot more care and time on their paintings, which probably showed!!

We also only got one glass of Prosecco included per person, although we did manage to wrangle an extra when some people didn’t take one. There was a cash bar open, but as the tickets are £30 it would have been nice if it was a little more free-flowing.

Overall though it was great fun and a fab thing to do with friends that’s just a little bit different.

You can book in for a class with Brush and Bubbles here.

My finished painting
My finished painting
Kate and I at Brush and Bubbles
Kate and I at Brush and Bubbles
All of us!
All of us!


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