Eight – Tubeopoly

I didn’t have anything booked for this week, so I went on the app YPlan to find something last minute.

If you’ve not heard of it, YPlan is an app where you can search for things happening that day, or that weekend. The sort of things you don’t need to plan in advance, or have tickets for. Funnily enough it’s only available in three cities at the moment – London (where I live), Bristol (where I grew up), and Dublin.

I found Tubeopoly and thought it sounded like a laugh. You aren’t told much, except that you’ll play a strategic game on the London Underground that’s similar to Monopoly. It was just £15, and Sam and I were free all of Saturday so we thought we’d give it a go.

We met outside Temple station at one o’clock. This was a bit awkward as it didn’t say exactly where outside the station, and the man in charge was a tiny bit late. You could see clusters of people who we thought, and later found out were, taking part – but of course you’re not going to ask random people that. Until he got there, and started shouting “Tubeopoly!!!” up and down the street, and everyone gathered together.

From now on I’m going to refer to him as Bob. I’m not sure if this was his name or not, but the company is called Thinking Bob, so we’ll go with it! Bob was a bit of an eccentric chap in a bowler hat, who gave us the instructions for the next few hours. We were put into teams of five and given a piece of paper with a Monopoly board and clues to the stations that each colour represented. This is it, but I’ve cut out the clues so I won’t ruin it in case you ever fancy a go.

The Tubeopoly map
The Tubeopoly map

An easy example of one is “where the money is”, which was Bank – but lots of them were much harder!

There were also extra tasks on the back, such as taking a picture with someone wearing a certain colour on a certain tube line, and finding hidden doors or old features at certain tube stations.

For everything you answered, you had to go to that tube station and take a picture of your team with that station sign, or object. There was also an added complication that you had to meet Bob at a particular pub between 2 and 3 for a bonus point quiz, and you had to be back at the finish point by a certain time or you lost points! It sounds complicated and it certainly wasn’t easy peasy, but it was such a laugh once we got going (albeit slightly stressful!).

Here are some of our pictures…

Team selfie
Team selfie

At first we were a bit blasé about the task and hopped onto a tube line casually, whilst trying to figure the other clues out. By the end we were literally running through the tube station, jumping onto tubes at the doors started bleeping and generally doing mad dashes to get to the stations in time. At one point we bumped into another team, who were Sicilian, and we all ran to get on a tube. Our team made it, but only one of their team did – and he had to ride along to the next stop without them! Unsurprisingly, they were late back to the finish point!

If you watch The Apprentice, in particular the task where they have to go all round London in their vans finding random items by a certain time, then you’ve got a pretty good idea of the direction the afternoon took (chaos!).

We raced back to the meeting point at the end, which was a pub, with just one minute to spare. It turned out we were the second team back, and all the others were late meaning they were docked points! We thought we must have done pretty well, but it turned out we got one of the answers wrong and we actually came second last. Whoops!

Despite this it was a great day. We were a little dubious when we arrived, and still think it’s a great moneyspinner for Bob (you don’t get anything apart from a bit of paper for your £15 and he essentially just sits in pubs waiting for you!), but regardless it was lots of fun. I’d definitely recommend it. Just make sure you wear your trainers!

You can book Tubeopoly here, or via YPlan like we did.


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